Look Who’s Speaking Their Truth…

Truth Summit Speakers

Dear Entrepreneur,

Ever wonder if you’re the only one who went into business with a mission and to do work you absolutely love, only to become frustrated and disconnected from that original spark?
You’re not!  And even better news, it’s not permanent!

There’s a way out, and here at Align and Profit we call it your Truth.  When you begin to design your business around what YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE, everything changes.

Darla LeDouxIt often takes leap of faith to begin to say what you’re actually thinking and sell what actually matters to you, and charge nicely for what comes naturally.  That’s why I’ve assembled a phenomenal line-up of business owners who’ve done it!  I’m Darla LeDoux, owner of AlignandProfit.com, and I’ve hand-picked experts who:

  • Have experienced the downside of doing things the “right” way, the “conventional” way, or the “safe” way, and the almost magical success that happens when they speak their Truth.
  • Have a particular expertise that will help you increase your profit in a way that’s in alignment with who you uniquely are.

Entrepreneur, there really is no need to fake it in business!  Here’s how to tell if you might be:
  • You dread getting on the phone with or opening an email from a client or prospect, because you’re afraid it will be “bad news.”
  • You miss out on clients and opportunities that you know you could have closed… if you actually wanted to deliver what you were selling.
  • You know you are keeping some part of yourself out of your business or marketing because you aren’t sure if people will like it or value it.
  • You’re spending time trying to figure people out so you can say what you need to say to get them to buy, rather than being you and trusting the right clients will come.
  • You feel lonely or disconnected while running the business you created.

As I said, you’re not alone.  I’ve experienced all of these things in one way or another and come out the other side.  Don’t let yourself quit or lose passion for the work you’re here to do!




That’s why we’ve created The Truth Summit! Learn how this expert panel created MAJOR PROFITS, and put the FUN and EXCITEMENT back into their businesses!

Every business owner has their own unique Truth. They have a unique point of view and understanding of the world that unites their Genius and Mission in a way that has potential for incredible Profit. And, most importantly, the clients they serve are looking for the exact thing only they can provide.

“People don’t buy products, they buy belief, and they believe in people who believe themselves.”

Each of these fantastic, Truth-speaking entrepreneurs agreed to let me in on the secrets of their success and dish their personal expertise, including:

  • The story of their ‘a-ha! moment’ and the changes they made to get aligned to their truth, and what shifted in their businesses from that.
  • Tips for moving through your fear to stake your claim on the business model and message you absolutely love.
  • How to let your Truth infiltrate different areas of your business including your messaging, your money, your client connection, social media, self care, personal and business relationships and more!
  • The down and dirty on the tough moments that occur when you are living your Truth – really hard decisions they made to STOP offering certain things, to FIRE non-ideal clients, and to offer something they previously wouldn’t have DARED to create.
  • Advice for taking a hard look at your business and figuring out how to make it 100% TRUE to YOU, staking a claim for a business model and message you absolutely love!

We called it Truth Tuesdays!  For five weeks we spoke with 4 unique experts in their fields who have chosen to ALIGN with their TRUTH in their business, and operate from a place of integrity with what matters most to them.  Here’s your chance to grab the replays!

Here’s the line-up:
Truth Tuesday – Week 1
Heather Dominick

Topic: How BEing Visible and Vulnerable In Your Marketing Will Make You More Money, With More Ease.

Heather DominickHeather Dominick, EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach, is the creator of EnergyRICHcoach.com We are a spiritually-based coaching company dedicated to teaching you how to be a world-class coach with a world-class business so you can CONSISTENTLY and powerfully BE Purposeful, PROFITABLE and Empowered So You Can Make A Considerably Huge™ Difference In the World.  Through her EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Foundational Principles, Private Mentor Coaching Programs, and products, Heather shows her students how to transcend lower level energies like fear and doubt to be able to build their business from a place of serving, joy and abundance.

Heather’s Truth

It’s vital to be able to communicate your value to the people that need your services in a way that is honest, authentic to you, rooted in integrity and gets you more clients. This is all about conveying what you have to offer to as many people as possible with an energy that naturally draws business to you.

When you are in your truth and have what we call V&V Energy ™ activated and you’re in that space of connection and you’re truly listening and hearing, then all you need to do is to be able to feed back what’s been  heard, be able to be 110 percent present, to activate the gap, activate the  vision and serve through solutions.

Behind connection and that V&V energy is the willingness once again to be seen for who you really are. When another person can see you and can feel what they are seeing and trust what they are seeing to be true, then it’s easier for them to open up, to share – and join with you as a client.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • #1 destroyer of connection in human relationships (like those with your ideal clients) and what you must do instead
  • The  golden energetic key that unlocks the door to be able to create and experience ALL you want to be creating and  experiencing in your business and your life
  • 3 Simple Steps to activating the energy of your truth to being willing to be visible, being  willing to be vulnerable


Carrie Greene

Topic: Rev Up Your Profits! The Must Dos for Productivity that Increase Your Bottom Line.

Carrie GreeneCarrie Greene is a speaker, author and business coach. She is a business strategist and productivity expert for entrepreneurs. Carrie spent fifteen years on Wall Street in marketing and product development for major brokerage firms and The New York Stock Exchange. She left after 9/11 to take charge of her life. Procrastination and overwhelm paralyzes even the most determined and brilliant business owner, having a direct impact on revenue. Carrie helps entrepreneurs create the business and income they desire, through clear and actionable planning, that eliminates procrastination. Carrie is the author of “Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm and Procrastination So you Can Create Ultimate Profit!”

Carrie’s Truth

The main focus of my relationship with my clients is decision making. Deciding what they will say yes to and what they’ll say no to.

We have a tendency to want to do and keep everything. We never say no and we don’t want to cut off options or discard opportunities. The problem is that having so much gets overwhelming and actually blocks us from moving forward.

My work therefore focuses on deciding what stays and what goes. Which ideas will you truly pursue, what things will you keep and how to get them done.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • More money makes sense. Stop overworking and do the right things to make more money.
  • Environment breeds success. Create the foundation to increase your profits and revenues.
  • How to turn on the money switch. Break the overwhelm of working IN your business. Discover the key to working ON your business for big profits.


Megha Rodriguez

Topic: Show Your Spots: Freedom Through Truth

Megha RodriguezMegha Rodriguez is a Business Growth Coach. She believes that freedom a birthright of every human being. She is committed to revolutionizing the way heart-centered entrepreneurs MANIFEST their vision of freedom so that they can blaze a trail, leave their footprint and create a legacy. Fueled by a balance of right-brain creativity, left-brand strategy and intuitive awareness, she helps her clients break out of the box of conventional business “how-to” logic and tap into their authentic gifts that attract the right audience to them. She takes her clients on a journey that defines the workable path to freedom by marrying the intangible aspects of visionary mindset and the physical (and often misunderstood) power of today’s business tools to deliver their message to the world.

Megha’s Truth

I believe that truth attracts the right people and repels everything else. I believe truth + authenticity + awareness = freedom. I help the people attract money by facilitating them to “show their spots” by tapping into the aspects of themselves that they often hide in order to “fit in” to the crowd.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Understanding to embrace personal life experience a value proposition
  • Awareness in the power of saying “no thank you” in staying on focus to your goal
  • Insights on attracting the right people that matter to your success


Kris Prochaska

Topic: The #1 Lie That Keeps Some People Broke And Others Wealthy

Kris ProchaskaUsing her intuitive insight and healing background, Business Mission & Mindset Specialist, Kris Prochaska MA, blows up the myths and excuses that keep entrepreneurs stuck in the middle-that place where folks dream BIG yet play small. With a whole lot of compassion and a ‘crassy sense of humor’, she helps her clients own their authority and transform their Internal Leadership Team in order to stop being emotional followers and grow into being powerful thought leaders creating a mindset for success. Kris is the author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice And Prosper to be released in 2013.

Kris’s Truth

As a therapist I was trained to look for what’s wrong with folks, to diagnose and treat symptoms and issues that they are struggling with. While I found powerful and effective ways to work with folks and help them feel better, I couldn’t help but notice that all this focus on what’s wrong didn’t seem to be making anyone feel alright, certainly not me either, personally & professionally. By really looking at the truth of what holds people back, and what has held me back in certain situations, I’ve been able to transform my attention to what’s wrong into seeing and creating a whole new way of experiencing myself and business. I’ve done this by choosing to let go of the number 1 lie we humans live by: There’s something wrong with us. This is, in my experience one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs fail, it keeps them from being visible, asking for the sale, raising their rates, and sharing their creative genius with the world.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Who are the members of your Internal Leadership Team and
  • How are they keeping you stuck in the middle between emotional follower and thought leader
  • Her favorite quick strategy to blow up the #1 lie that keeps you stuck in the middle mindset so you can finally start leading the pack (and your life!)
Truth Tuesday – Week 2
Ava Diamond

Topic: Rock Your Speaking for More Influence, Impact, and Income

Ava DiamondAva Diamond, founder of Big Impact Speaking, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs step into their message in a big way and share it powerfully from the stage. She draws on her seventeen years as a speaker to help her clients laser-focus their message, craft their signature talk, and deliver it in a way that impacts their audience and moves them to action. She is passionate about helping business owners rock their speaking so they expand their influence and reach, become known as the “go-to” expert in their field, and get all the clients they want.

Ava’s Truth

Truth is the basis of your message. Your life experiences, the challenges you’ve overcome, the lessons you’ve learned, and the strategies you’ve developed as a result of all of that is the core of what you have to share. Your ability to transform others comes from your own personal transformation and truth.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Why it’s absolutely critical that you get out and speak to your ideal audiences
  • The #1 mindset shift that will skyrocket your sales
  • How to walk away with leads, clients, cash and referrals every time you speak.


Amy Jo Goddard

Topic: Bringing Sexy Back: How Your Sex Life Impacts Your Business’ Bottom Line

Amy Jo GoddardAmy Jo Goddard is a sexual empowerment coach and David Neagle Certified Miracle of Money Coach. She provides sex and relationship coaching to women and couples, helping people to create financial abundance, sexual pleasure and the relationships they desire. Knowing how much sex and money are related, she assists entrepreneurs to see how their sexual lives impact their businesses and their bottom line. She travels to universities, corporations and conferences teaching workshops and speaking about sexuality. Most importantly, she teaches her Women’s Sexually Empowered Life 6-month Program and she also leads a mentorship program for other sexuality professionals at www.sexualityprofessionals.com.

Amy Jo’s Truth

I believe that the more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings. When we are stuck in shame, guilt or confusion about our own sexual power and expression, it impacts everything else we do in our life. Sex and money are the two areas where people experience the most transformation and they are the two areas where people have the most hangups. When a person works on one, it impacts the other and vice versa. When I work with women on their sexuality they often end up making more money because they are more comfortable in their true self, they are speaking from a more authentic place and they are learning to ask for what they want. That makes you more powerful and more able to take care of your needs. Your sexual power is your core power so when you nurture that, you are able to use that creative energy to create everything you want in the world, including money.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • 5 truths about the intimate relationship between sex and money
  • Why your sexual energy is so important to your business, your bank account and your joy
  • 3 key things you must start doing right now to change your money situation from one of lack to one of true abundance


Marla Beck

Topic: Jumpstart Your Business by Putting Your Heart First

Marla BeckMarla Beck, M.F.A., helps writers and creatives take charge and show up with more brilliance in their professional, personal and creative lives. As a songwriter, vocalist, MFA-educated writer and mother of a kindergartener, Marla is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of living a rich, balanced and on-track creative and professional life. Since 2005, Marla has supported writers to finish their books, rediscover their creative passion and make more money in business with an appealing blend of analytical smarts, years of daily meditation practice and a heart that’s learned much from facing life-threatening illness at an early age.

Marla’s Truth

I believe that it’s an utter cop-out to run a business, write a book or live a life by working only the way you think you’re supposed to.  So many creative business owners fall into this trap, because its easy to  delude ourselves into thinking that following someone else’s steps is simpler…somehow safer.  I know this  because I’ve tried to cop-out this way, too!

In reality?  There’s a perfect time for tactics and proven strategies – I use them in my business and teach them to others, so I’m not discounting the value of systems and techniques.  But before strategies and blueprints and plans, we need to first give ourselves the space and time we need to wake up, claim our passions, and practice honoring our true selves on a consistent basis.  Once we articulate and begin to work with our truest desires and priorities, we free ourselves up to pursue fulfilling work and make more money in the process.

My mission, then, is to wake up the world — one writer, one creative entrepreneur at a time.  It’s time we reclaim our intentions and learn to work mindfully so we can finally reveal and express our brilliance – our unique desires and collection of best practices – in the marketplace and in our lives.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Why we go into our head in business and how to put your heart first.
  • The difference between creativity, brilliance, and wisdom.
  • Why marketability isn’t always the answer.


Nadhira Razack

Topic: There’s Only ONE Main Thing

Nadhira RazackUsing her intuitive guidance and commitment to Truth, sales and marketing mentor Nadhira Razack helps women entrepreneurs and those aspiring, to build a business that honours their Truth. She is the owner of Trust Your Gut – Sales & Marketing. With a whole lot of warmth and a commitment to individuals living a life on their terms, she helps her clients make the right decisions about their sales and marketing so they can own their uniqueness and make money doing what they love. You can find her at www.trustyourgut.com.au

Nadhira’s Truth

I believe that Truth represents that voice inside , that inner knowing inside that guides us so we make the right decisions every time. What I love about Truth is that it is so simple and uncomplicated.

Speaking my truth is important to me because I’ve been in situations where I’ve done the opposite of it. I’ve blindly accepted what someone else has told me I should do – and it’s resulted in a lot of frustration and unnecessary chaos. By really hearing my Truth and responding accordingly – I’ve welcomed so many fulfiling experiences including working with clients I love and making money doing something I love.

My expertise is in sales and marketing and I help people reach a space inside of them where they can hear their Truth so clearly that they know exactly what to do next. I help them navigate that decision once they hear it so they can respond to it. Sometimes the decisions require courage and a willingness to follow through on the one action that is so obvious. These actions make my clients money because it’s not coming from some expert, but their true selves guiding them to take the right actions for them – I’m constantly blown away by the elegance of the solution my clients get when they learn to tune in to their Truth and just allow themselves to follow through.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • How to follow the signs to reveal your truth
  • How they can easily follow their Truth by just knowing One thing
  • How to have the courage to take action on what their truth reveals to them


Truth Tuesday – Week 3
Monica Shah

Topic: Quick Cash Intensive – 4 Strategies to make $3k in the next 60 days

Monica ShahMonica Shah, the business breakthrough specialist, Kellogg MBA grad, and business professor helps women business owners double their income within 12-18 months.  Revenue Breakthrough is Monica’s 2nd six-figure company. Her corporate and teaching background allow Monica to show business owners how to step into their role as the CEO of their businesses.  She shows them the HOW, every step of the process to grow their businesses to the next level, without going broke or crazy in the process. Monica begins by looking at the overall business model to determine the most lucrative offerings and strategies (including re-branding when necessary).  Then, she creates marketing and business systems that clarify what the business owner needs to do each day, week and month to create a highly profitable business and an amazing lifestyle.

Monica’s Truth

I help women entrepreneurs double their incomes.  To really generate money, you have to be unique and persistent.  Your uniqueness comes from your truth.  Your stories.  Your originality.  Who you really are and want to become.  You can’t fake that.  Also, it isn’t overnight or easy to build a sustainable, lucrative business.  Therefore, you have to love what you do to really accomplish it.  This is done by going face to face with your passion, your truth and following it.  You also must do those things that you are afraid of – that happens when you look squarely at your truth as well.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • The three keys to finding your ideal clients and how to speak to them so that they are excited to PAY for you!
  • The single most important marketing activity that, when you do it regularly and consistently, will ensure that you have plenty of income every month.
  • 3 sneaky ways you are currently sabotaging your sales conversations in your business and what you can do today to break free of these habits and convert more clients!


Linda Claire Puig

Topic: How to Build Authentic Relationships with Newsletters So that Your Prospects Know, Love and Trust You—AND Buy from You

Linda Claire PuigLinda Claire Puig is a 6-figure newsletter and email marketing expert and founder of Ready2Go Articles, Ready2Go Ezines,Ready2Go Brochures, which provide independent, service-based professionals with high-quality, professionally written, done-for-you content to grow their businesses — EASILY! She’s also the creator of the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets Virtual Intensive, which teaches her exclusive step-by-step process on how to build a 6-figure newsletter SYSTEM. An award-winning journalist and writer for the past 30 years, Linda’s articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world, including the Los Angeles Times, Choice Magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review. She has produced newsletters for associations, small businesses and solo-professionals since 1990 and has trained thousands of individuals in “the way of the newsletter.” Linda is on a mission to help entrepreneurs “fall in love” with the newsletter and use this important marketing tool to create a successful business that supports their dream life. On a personal level, Linda is also an actor, she loves to travel, and all manner of dogs catch her eye. She recently returned home to northern California after living her dream and working abroad with her business in Italy for nearly half a year, for which she credits her own 6-figure newsletter.

Linda’s Truth

I guide people on how to make money from their newsletters and newsletters are all about sharing your truth, your services and helping you stand out as an expert in the field. Newsletters are the #1 marketing tool an entrepreneur has and by sharing your truth in your newsletter you expand your reach…and your business!

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Exactly why and how ezines work to bring you more business (Hint: it has something to do with chocolates and flowers.)
  • What to do to earn your list’s trust & admiration and the scariest thing to do with your newsletter-and why you must.
  • How to make “truth-telling” through your newsletter easy and enjoyable.


Carey Kingsbury

Topic: 5 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Joy

Carey KingsburyCarey Kingsbury is an artist, author, blogger, and publisher. She believes that good health is achieved when the mind and body are in alignment and has spent the last fifteen years exploring holistic healing methods including herbs, cleansing, reiki, and meditation. Carey guides people to find joyful health by implementing simple shifts in their thinking and actions. Carey’s company, Aurabelle LLC publishes her blog My Juice Cleanse as well as Juice + Blend Magazine which is available on the App Store. This spring she will launch a juicing program, Lighten Up! Cleanse. Carey is also developing a line of herbal cleansing products.

Carey’s Truth

Truth is an ever-present stream of pure love, light, and joy. When we are open and receptive (in alignment) to this stream it flows through us in the form of our thoughts and actions. This expression is our personal truth, our version of love, light, and joy.

My personal truth is best expressed when I keep my thoughts and actions simple, clean, and consistent. When I communicate in this way, my message carries through to the person on the receiving end and we make a connection. Likewise, when I complicate my ideas, or express ideas that are not in alignment with my personal truth, the flow is broken and the message gets lost.

When we connect to the stream and speak our personal truth, all of our needs are met. This means the people, things, ideas, money that we need will be available. Continue speaking your truth, continue the flow of this abundance.

In my business I teach simple, natural methods for achieving joyful health. Joy is the feeling of delight and pleasure. It is an expression of truth. Health is simply the physical or mental condition of your mind, body, spirit, relationships, home, business, or anything that shows up in physical reality. Connect the joy to the physical reality and anything is possible.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • You have the ability to access the stream of Truth and have joy show up in your life.
  • When you take on beliefs that are not in alignment with your truth, you contract and stop the flow of abundance.
  • Simple, clean, and consistent steps can get the mind and body back into alignment.


Madeleine Eno

Topic: Finding Your Own Golden Thread

Madeleine EnoFormerly an award-winning magazine editor and writer (and bartender, yoga teacher, fundraiser and teacher), Madeleine Eno helps passionate entrepreneurs find the “golden thread” in your lives and businesses. These are the stories and details that brilliantly connect your unique experiences (often the ones you don’t want to talk about) with your work and your clients. And these are the stories and details that make you shine.

Madeleine’s Truth

In my own experience, I found that when I stopped dancing around the truth of myself and just SAID what was really going on (not necessarily very pretty stuff), people heard me in a new way. People read my About Page and wanted to work with me solely based on that. Crazy, right?

That’s what I love helping my clients with–really telling the truth as they move away from the old formulaic way of talking about themselves that actually keeps their clients at a distance. I believe that people want to work with (and pay) those who’ve done some dirty work to get to where they are. Who may not have always had it all dialed in. Who have untangled a big tangle. When they say “Your Mess is Your Message” they don’t always tell you how to talk about it. I love figuring out how to talk about it in a way that makes your potential client say, “Yes, she gets me.”

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Powerful ways to weave your Golden Thread into your materials.
  • How to pick which stories from your life to share.
  • 3 mistakes people make when telling their story.
Truth Tuesday – Week 4
Robert Evans

Topic: Manifesting Money Through The Energy of Truth

Robert EvansRobert Evans is the Founder of The Messenger Network, an online and event company that supports people with finding and sharing their message. Over the years Robert has helped everyday messengers monetize their message and create in the world the impact they desire. He has also worked with best selling authors in the spiritual and personal growth industry. The Messenger Network offers a variety of online training experiences and live events like The Messenger Summit.

Robert’s Truth

I teach a process called The Habit of Attraction, which is a unique law of attraction teaching where habit creation is combined with Law of Attraction principle. The main principle of this process is the awareness and flow of energy and how it plays the biggest role in what we manifest and how it manifests. Truth telling is one of the most powerful and ‘attractive’ energies and through sharing your truth, in integrity and compassion, you’re manifesting magnetism is greatly amplified. Money cannot be made outside of the truth and outside this energy. The more you move into truth in all areas, the more you’ll attract what you want and experience the true abundance of life. Truth = Higher Vibration Energy. High Energy = More Money. Simply but often overlooked.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Understanding the energetic vibration of truth
  • A process for being more aware of your energetic flow and how it relates to making money
  • Tools you can use combined with truth to make you more ‘attractive’ to more money in your life.


Lisa Cherney

Topic: Stand Out & Be Juicy: Magnetize Your Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Lisa CherneyIn 1999, Lisa Cherney founded Conscious Marketing, Inc and is now called The Juicy Marketing Expert. She works with “entrepreneurs on a mission” who are struggling with their marketing message. She helps them get clear on their specific Ideal Client and find their authentic marketing voice, so they have the confidence that inspires people to buy. She is a highly sought after speaker. Kim Yancy, President of eWomenNetwork called her, “One of the most brilliant marketers I know!” and Robert G. Allen, author of “The One Minute MIllionaire” says, “Listen to everything Lisa Cherney says about marketing!” For the last 3 years, all of Lisa Sasevich’s VIP mastermind clients have worked with Lisa Cherney to get pointed in the right direction quickly. Learn more about Lisa at www.LisaCherney.com and see her latest mission at www.DitchtheNiche.com.

Lisa’s Truth

If they ditch the niche they will get rich – find your TRUE Ideal Clients instead and have a business you love.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • The critical difference between a target market and an Ideal Client that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line (chances are you’ve been going about this all wrong)
  • A step-by-step method for finding the perfect words to communicate your unique approach that magnetically draws your ideal clients to you
  • A simple system and powerful strategies you can use over and over to market any product, service or business you ever have—on any budget!


Kate Hanley

Topic: The most important two minutes of your life

Kate HanleyKate Hanley is a coach, yoga teacher, and the author of “The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide”. She helps busy women stop stressing and get real so they can do what matters most.

Kate’s Truth

Kate believes authenticity is the schiz — it’s what draws your people to you like a tractor beam, makes sales feel effortless, and keeps people who don’t value you far, far away. She also knows that being true to yourself requires the ability to slow down and get quiet — which, as you might have noticed, is not so easy to do.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • The five steps to figuring out and implementing your truth
  • The three things you have to give up to live an authentic life
  • Kate’s three favorite ways to get quiet and hear what’s true for her in any given moment


Sandra Ferland

Topic: How to have difficult conversations

Sandra FerlandAfter a successful 14 year Human Resources career, Sandra Ferland started her HR Consulting business in 2001 serving the needs of small to medium size businesses that do not have an HR department. She is a passionate HR Professional that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Helping businesses become more successful by helping to create Super Star cultures of respect along with the required legal compliance, policies and procedures is her companies specialty.

Sandra’s Truth

Open honest and respectful communication with team member, communicating expectations clearly and getting buy in on accountability is the key to successful working relationships.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • How to prepare for difficult conversations
  • How to keep from letting the emotions get out hand
  • How to arrive at a conclusion that is a win-win for all parties involved
Truth Tuesday – Week 5
Matthew Goldfarb

Topic: Your truth means never having to say you’re sorry.

Matthew GoldfarbMatthew Goldfarb is the lead copywriter and Chief Renegade Officer of Corporate Renegade.  He’s an award-winning copywriter and 10-year veteran of the Big-Ad Agency circuit. Matthew started his career writing television commercials for Mr. T and 1-800-COLLECT, and then went on to do work for Volvo, Subaru, Viagra, Dove, Campbell’s Discover and more. In 2009, Matthew started Corporate Renegade as his way of leveling the playing field for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  He creates breakthrough copy and marketing messages for his private clients, plus teaches classes on how to create website content, write sales pages, and find your  unique movement, which ultimately leads to higher visibility and more clients.  Some of Matthew’s recent clients include Suzanne Evans, Sage Event Management, Branding for The People, and of course our host Darla LeDoux.

Matthew’s Truth

Being truthful and being honest about what you care about and what you believe in makes you money because it Inspires others with similar convictions. You become the torchbearer for believing in something and giving voice to a group of people who may be too scared or don’t know how to say it themselves. They trust you and ultimately buy from you.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Understand that speaking your truth means always knowing what to say.
  • Why you never have to pretend to have powerful messaging.
  • The secret to connecting with your ideal audience.


Nick Unsworth

Topic: How to use Facebook to Drive Revenues, Referrals, and Brand Positioning

Nick UnsworthNick Unsworth is a Social Media Pro who teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals how to profitably build a tribe of raving fans, followers, and customers.

Nick’s Truth

With social media all around us we now live in a completely transparent world.  Never before has it been more important to build a personal brand and let your personality and unique talents shine through.

Don’t worry about trying to be someone else or appearing perfect.  When you say “F-it” I’m going to just be me…that’s when everything falls into place with your social media marketing.  It’s the short cut to building real genuine relationships and the fastest way to attract ideal clients that you love working with.  So let your hair down and realize that you will attract exactly who you are supposed to.

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Learn how to attract “ideal” clients within 30 days
  • Step by step instructions on how to leverage viral word of mouth
  • How to create celebrity like brand positioning within your niche


Darla LeDoux

Topic: Believe Yourself:  How To Stop Believing You’re Wrong so You Can Take Your Truth To the Bank.

Darla LeDouxDarla LeDoux, Profit Acceleration Coach and owner at AlignandProfit.com spent much of her life in corporate, doing all the things she was “supposed” do to be successful. She made sure to always “look smart,” and have “right answers” as a consumer researcher and product development engineer. When she began to notice her right answers were actually wrong for her, she was terrified. She resisted her calling as entrepreneur, speaker, and coach for 10+ years (Darla calls this the Great Entrepreneurial Flip-Flop) then finally made a decision to step into her Truth and follow her heart.

Darla guides frustrated business owners into alignment with their TRUE business goals and supports them to design their programs, packages, pricing, and marketing, and to align with ideal clients, and profit, with ease.

Darla’s Truth

Truth is not an answer “out there,” it is the seed of the path we are meant to be on on this planet, and it is within us at any given time.  Our job is to get further into alignment with that Truth – about who we are and what we want and how we’re meant to serve in this life.  When we’re in alignment we’ll make the most money in a way that feels like little effort.  The good news is that our Truth is not going anywhere – it’s out there waiting for us.  The only way NOT to find it is to stay where you are.  Making decisions and moving forward with awareness will help you see clearly where your Truth lies.  And the journey sure is fun!

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • Why “What if I’m Wrong” is the entrepreneurial dream killer.
  • How to make big money, even from a small list, by telling the Truth.
  • What it takes to believe yourself in a world that can’t see your dreams.


Jayme Broudy

Topic: The Inner Game Of Business

Jayme BroudyJayme Broudy is the founder of Pinnacle Consulting Group and Contractors Business School. For the last twenty years, Jayme has trained business owners how to produce more profit in less time. Her program helps business owners who want to create fewer working hours, peace of mind, a more balanced life, and a renewed passion for their business. Over the years Jayme has worked with hundreds of business owners from all walks of life and in every imaginable business type. She started her coaching career in 1993 when she joined Michael Gerber’s Gerber Business Development Corporation (now E-Myth Worldwide). There, as Director of Business Development Services, she delivered consulting programs to clients, developed new programs, and oversaw the training of new consultants.

Jayme’s Truth

It is my belief that we all deserve work that we love, work that inspires us to get up and feel enthused about our day! Not only do we deserve that but it is a responsibility we have to ourselves and as leaders to our team. It’s what I call the “pinch me” factor in business…that is “pinch me, I actually get to be paid for doing this?!?”. When we work from, hire from and lead from this perspective, it creates more joy, more contribution and more money!

Three things you will take away from this talk:

  • The importance of connecting with your “inner game of business”
  • How to consistently, predictably operationalize your “inner game”
  • How to engage your team in playing the game for fun, meaning and profit

You will:
  • Be inspired to reinvigorate your business.
  • Learn the real stories of what was scary, completely crazy, and took major courage from these entrepreneurs to move into complete alignment with their Truth.
  • Develop your Know, Like, and Trust Factor in order to inspire prospective clients to activate and jump on board your bus.
  • Discover the courage to let go of things that aren’t “you”, and to release the fear of rejection of who you are in order to speak freely and openly in all aspects of your business and life.
  • Get real life examples of Truth-based businesses that both PROFIT and create TREMENDOUS VALUE for clients.
  • Have the opportunity to deeply own your worth and unique genius and take action as a thought-leader in your field!
  • Be laser clear on how your Truth can integrate with your business so that you can create offerings that not only light you up but that are deeply valuable to your clients!
  • Get committed to only creating what feels exciting to you, and pricing your offerings in complete alignment with your unique genius and value (aka CHARGING MORE because there is only ONE OF YOU) so you can stop waffling and start innovating!

Because we’re on a mission to bring more raw TRUTH into the world of entrepreneurship, and we’ve got your back!

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